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First posted: 10th June 2016. Last updated: 28th August 2017.


My main web site is posted at


This page is registered to a different website host from all my other websites. This is a list of the entry points to my websites along with known technical issues and updates. If you are actively interested in my websites a bookmark to this page may prove useful for technical updates in the event that my websites become unavailable at any time.


Update 28th August 2017: I'd linked my Twitter profile to but after several months of Twitter's system having issues (sometimes not having issues) with that site have pointed my profile in the direction of this one instead. Interestingly neither my site provider, Google Safe Browsing API, McAFEE, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest have had any issues with so I wish Twitter would specifically tell me what their issue is.


Sites encountering technical issues are indicated with comments in red, otherwise they are functioning correctly (I hope).


The Tim Harris Website:  This is my main website and has been running since May 1999.


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BlipViews: The Minimalist Doctor Who Reviews Page:


The Cala Bona & Cala Millor Gallery:


The Tim Harris Portmeirion Gallery:


The Tim Harris Oxford Gallery:


Art, Graphic & Photographic Gallery:


The Misfits Archive:


And then there are two produced for a friend:


The Authorised Andrew O'Day Profile Pages:


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